Dr.Sheikh M.Saud

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Saud is a seasoned holistic healthcare professional. With a Diploma in Homoeopathic Medical System and a BS in Psychology, he's dedicated to empowering wellbeing. As CEO of Sehat Consultant Clinics, his commitment to personalized care and innovation shines through

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Certificate Ceremony

Dr. Saud's commendable achievement as the Best Young Homoeopathic Doctor in Karachi, honored by Politician Syed Ali Haider Zaidi at the prestigious Jinnah ka Pakistan event held at Marriott Hotel, underscores his dedication to excellence in healthcare.

Health Day seminar

Dr. Saud's recognition for his contributions to mental health, bestowed upon him by Masood Ahmed, CEO of Lehning France Laboratories Pakistan, during the World Mental Health Day seminar, highlights his commitment to advancing psychological well-being and holistic healthcare practices.

Product Manager at Mektum Pharma

Congratulations, Dr. Saud, on your appointment as the Product Manager for Pakistan at Mektum Homoeopathic Pharma. Your expertise and dedication will undoubtedly drive our certification distributions to new heights, ensuring quality and efficacy in every product.